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this site is an unofficial tribute to the group praise and their self titled album. ( unfortunately, their only album and out of print )   praise was released in 1992 on a subsidiary label of warner music called giant records with a catalog number of 9 24472-2 for the CD [ (c) (p) 1992 warner music uk ltd ].   originally started as a short piece of music for a european fiat commercial, after being televised it became so popular that it was decided to expand it into a whole album. 

praise is an incredible mix of moods and textures that has elements of pop, dance, trance, ethnic, space, rock, jazz, fusion, progressive, new age and more!  praise is very dynamic without being harsh or overbearing, subtle and calm with out being sleepy, introspective but at the same time fun, repetitive enough so you can easily get your bearings but with constant variety so it never gets boring. praise takes the listener on an incredible journey to unique and exotic lands that seem foreign and like home at the same time.  soaring on the wings of miriam's incredibly beautiful and emotional voice you will traverse subtle yet deeply complex and ever shifting sonic landscapes expertly crafted by simon, miriam, geoff and many expert studio musicians.  it's a journey you'll want to take over and over!  ( i've listened to praise more than seven times in a row before, after that i did put on something else but i can think of few other albums, if any, that can hold up to so many repeated listening! )

being out of print praise is very hard to find but it is well worth the search.  until the record label realizes how wonderful this master piece truly is and re-releases it, try used cd stores and garage sales.  make sure you listen to the audio samples below, even though the real magic comes from listening to praise from beginning to end, you'll get a good idea of the treat you are in for!

miriam can be currently heard on the wonderful adiemus albums, as a guest artist on numerous other projects, on many commercials, and on her much anticipated solo album scheduled to be released during the first half of 1999.  I have no information on what simon or geoff have been doing since praise, so please let me know if you have something that I can add here.

simon goldenberg
simon goldenberg

guitars and programming

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miriam stockley

lead and background vocals

geoff maccormack
geoff maccormack


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song sample edits :

1. dream on   2. only you   3. brand new day*   4. easy way out   5. solitude   6. love   7. pride*   8. chinatown   9. so cold*   stream mp3 stream ra

( all tracks written by maccormack / goldenberg except * written by maccormack / goldenberg / stockley.  tracks 10 and 11 left out intentionally )

individual edits are in the mp3 format sampled at 56 kbps 22 khz stereo and are 1 to 2 minutes long and 400 kb to 800 kb in size. these samples are of high quality, similar to fm radio. click 'stream mp3' to hear all 9 edits. ( may need a fast connection )  audioactive has a nice mp3 player for free or try the popular shareware winamp.  click 'stream ra' to stream all samples using realaudio with am radio quality. ( good for slow connections )

note to those concerned : these sound samples and images are the property of the legal copyright holders, meaning the record label and musicians etc., not me!  by offering sound samples of praise, new audiences will be able to hear great music that is no longer available for sale or played on the radio and this will generate new interest in the artists work, both past and present. by making the samples relatively high quality and a minute or two long, the listener can get a good feel for what the artist is doing and at the same time the whole album is not given away, so in the event that it is again available commercially the listener has a high incentive to purchase a copy, everybody wins. on the other hand, by making only full length or poor quality samples everyone gets hurt, the artists, the label and the listeners, by giving false impressions and discouraging future sales.    john l rice

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