I'm John
Hey look, it's John Rice!
Yup, that's me and this is my web site.  This page is a link to what I was and what I am and what I will be and possibly what I shouldn't be but might be anyway.   It will have pictures of me and machines and people and animals and drawings and even some stuff that I'm afraid to put my lips on.  It will have poems and lyrics and short stories and discussions and maybe a recipe for chunky corn divinity, a Halloween favorite.  I've done lots of music things and artsy things and computer things and electronic things and ate a lot of things and have even been nibbled on a few times myself. So that's about what you can expect to see on this site. To sum it up, one of the first ever responses that I received on the internet was "John, you're an idiot." signed The Worlds Greatest Drummer.  So there you have it.  ( of course the joke is on him, the proper spelling is 'eedeeot' )   Enjoy,  JLR

Music That I've Been Involved With : 

Go To The Official ROOK Web Site. 
The Band ROOK 
High Energy Scottish / Celtic / Rock! 

Go To The Semi Official Makedonians Web Site 
The Makedonians Semi Official Web Site 
Local Balkan Folk / Folklore / Folk Fusion Band 

Go To The Balance Web Site - ( not available yet ) 
The Balance Web Site 
Local rock / progressive rock band that made great music in the early '90s 

Go To The Theatre Web Site - ( not available yet ) 
The Theatre Web Site 
Local wailing progressive rock band that made great music in the early to mid '80s . . . . "The band you wish you were!

Music I Like : 

Go To The Unofficial Praise Tribute Web Site 
The Unofficial Praise Tribute Web Site 
An excellent and unique band that never toured and did one album that is now out of print

Recording Engineering : 

A Small Floated Floor Project
A description of how and why I built a small 'floated' floor in my project studio.

Poems, Lyrics, Short Stories, Essays : 

'Roses are red, violets are blue, some poems rhyme, but this one doesn't.'   - Anonymous 

( OK, I'll put some of my own stuff here . . . . . someday . . . . . . .  )

Computer Stuff : 

Go To The Ib Consulting Web Site 
Ib Consulting's Web Site 
My personal consulting company. 

Go To CSi's Web Site 
The Control Systems, Inc. Web Site 
Shipping, Receiving, EDI, Hardware, Software, Networking, etc. . . . . oh yeah, I work there.

Acting Stuff : 

( coming soon, content someday . . . . )

Resumes : 

Musician Related 
Computer Related 
Acting Related 

( I'll have to get around to these someday too . . . . . )

 My Vehicles : 

1997 BMW 318TiA

1986 Toyota 4x4

1979 Chevy LUV 

Links : 

( no . . . not sausage )

The Usual Web Site Stuff :
Read What People Are Sayin' About MeSay What People Are Readin' About Me 

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This page is fairly old but still under construction, basically because I'm a slacker.
Embrace the stale bite that is frustration's subtle blade.